Day 12 from Israel (the last day!)- Guest bloggers Ray Girouard and Sheila Zelinger

Day 11 – Mountains and Mystics

It’s been 11 mystical days in Israel – how fitting to spend our last day in Tzfat, a center for the mystical Jewish traditions that go back 500 years. After breakfast at the Ramat Resort, we said goodbyes to Maddie and David Arfin and headed to Tzfat.  On the way, we have a lively discussion about the Israeli elections and the somewhat surprising victory by the Likud Party and Netanyahu….so much for the election polls.


Mysticism began as early as the 1500’s.  The essence of mysticism is to experience things beyond the 5 senses of taste, smell, feel, touch and hear.  Perhaps a little known fact – the Mystics gave us the traditions of the Shabbat Queen and the song Lecha Dodi in Tzfat. We visited an Askenazy synagogue, spoke with the Kabbalistic artist, Avraham Lowenthal (Detroit born), and then explored and shopped on our own in the town.


Several of us found this most delightful restaurant, the Geffen Courtyard, with some truly delightful Israeli wines.


We did a late afternoon drive back to Tel Aviv to drop off Bill, Dottie, Sue and Jeff…and then to the airport for the rest of us.

A big thank you to Bill, Danny and Shlomo (our driver) for an incredibly unique Israeli experience….and to everyone one on the trip who made it so memorable!

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