Live from Israel- Day 1 Guest Blogger Reva Segall

Greetings!  I find myself in Israel with 13 wonderful adults from CBJ, Danny Ehrlich, our intrepid tour guide, and Shlomo, our bus driver, for the next 11 days. Instead of blogging about the trip myself, I have turned this forum over to the members of the group, who will share their experiences and unique viewpoints.

Our first guest blogger is Reva Segall.

Today, 10 of us who arrived a day or two early for the Israel trip went on a pre-trip excursion.  The excitement we felt to finally start touring Israel was tangible!  Our young, cute and knowledgeable guide, Asaf, took us first to Caesaria, a port built from scratch by Herod, the greatest builder Palestine had ever had.  We saw a movie showing us Caesaria under different conquests and after earthquakes.  We saw archeologists working on mosaics which had been covered by sand for 2000 years, the chariot racing area, the Roman theatre and smelled the sea.
Next we traveled to Haifa and toured the Baha’i gardens which are maintained by 100 gardeners.  Then off to Zichron Yacov, a town known for its wine and sponsored by Baron Edmund De Rothschild in the early 1900’s.  Then a delicious Israeli lunch at last!  Last stop was the park in which Baron Rothschild and his wife were buried.
Back to the Carlton Hotel for rest and cleanup followed by a very tasty welcome dinner.  The souvenir we wished to take home with us was Asaf!

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