Writer’s Block

Aggggghhhhhhh!!!  I’m giving a sermon is in 56 hours and I have 3 sentences written.  Plus a sentence fragment.  So if you want to know why I haven’t posted anything in a week, here it is.

Everyone who knows me says, “Don’t worry – you’ll get it done.  You always do!”

OK, I appreciate the encouragement, but honestly, I’m somewhere between freak-out and hara-kiri right now.  I am generally a calm person, but today I’m a little wiggy.  At least I know the gist of what I’m going to talk about, and it expands on the posts I made last week about our disaster relief trip, and about  Sukkot and sharing.   When it’s done, I’ll put it up here, and then I’ll get back to the regular posting.

But for now, stay tuned….

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