Build a Sukkah!

Eating outside.

Crowding around a table with friends and family.

Lingering over great food as darkness envelops.

Lots of laughter, and perhaps a glass (or two) of wine.

Now do it the next night. And the next. And the next….for 8 straight nights.

Sounds like a great time, non? Sounds like….


Best holiday of the year. Build a hut; insert a table and chairs; add a roof of branches; decorate. Now go inside and eat. Especially this year- Sukkot starts on September 18, for goodness sakes! It should still be warm at night.!
So you don’t have a sukkah? You can buy a kit on the web or go to Home Depot and get some pvc pipe, connectors, and something to be your wall.

So you’re not religious, so what’s the point? Come on! Read the beginning of this post. We’re not talking heavy davening here (not that there’s anything wrong with it!).

So it’s too hard to do? I can do it. No excuses there.

But seriously, it’s great to build a sukkah. For me, looking out at my yard every day and seeing the booth there reminds me of a holiday of joy and gratitude. Gratitude that I don’t have to live in it (for real), and joy in the blessings of my life. Sukkot puts me in touch with what I have, and more importantly, in what I can share with others. The curse of need is that one can’t share what he or she has because of lack. Conversely, the blessing of plenty is that we can invite those closest to us, and strangers alike, to enjoy our bounty collectively.

Brief commercial: Host a CBJ Sukkot Brunch! Sunday, September 22. Contact me (or comment below) if you’re interested in hosting. Or if you can’t host, let me know if you need a place to go.

So act quickly, because the holiday will be here soon, and you need to get the materials. And get your invitations out; people get booked up quickly this time of year 😉

Happy rest of August!

One thought on “Build a Sukkah!

  1. If an ant accidentally is consumed with my humus and pita chip, is that Kosher? Just wanted to be the first to comment. Larry.

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